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Steam Cleaning the Engine Bay: Is It a Safe Approach?

Traditional cleaning professionals used archaic methods of cleaning an engine bay which is almost nonexistent these days. Contemporary methods of cleaning the engine cavity has done away with solvents, detergents and water, and have now embraced a more modern way of cleaning – pressurized steam. Yes, this process of engine cleaning with steam utilizes a high pressure hot water system to eliminate the buildup of particulate and grit accumulation within a motorcar’s engine bay. The main aim is to cleanse the engine and the components surrounding it so that the motor runs smoother, cooler and without any hiccup. You will find almost every automotive service shop now offering steam cleaning services and they additionally make use of an engine degreaser additive to further aid in the cleansing process. Steam cleaning the engine bay is safer than some alternative methods of degreasing as well.


How Does Steam Cleaning the Engine Bay Work?

Steam coupled with a degreasing agent works wonderfully on a murky engine and the results are usually spotless and immaculate. Such products dissolve the grease and oils down and further make it easy for complete elimination of debris. Car owners with comparatively older engines opt for this steam cleaning method since newer cars are relatively cleaner and shinier. Moreover, new car owners are usually hesitant to steam cleaning procedures as they believe that the hot temperatures might harm vital engine components beyond repair. Surprisingly, the truth is that if steam cleaning is processed appropriately, nothing else can beat its practicality and usefulness. The process is utterly advantageous for a vehicle as we believe in the motto – a clean engine makes a car healthy, happy and efficient. Contrastingly, if engine steam cleaning is not performed in an appropriate manner, it could result in severe engine and component damage that can result in lofty repair bills.


Choose a Proper Engine Cleaning Service

The first and foremost preventative measure to undertake while steam cleaning the engine bay with steam is to ensure there is no ingress of water inside the engine intake and other vulnerable components such as the distributor cover and sensors. If a mere drop of water makes its way into these parts, it could lead to big trouble. Another important aspect while steam cleaning is to handle the cleaning baton carefully so that it does not harm the bodywork’s paint or remove the manufacturer’s decals located inside the engine compartment.

Such reasons are ample to realize why it needs perfection of a skilled technician to carry out a secure and proper engine cleaning job. If you believe that steam cleaning is being done by an untrained amateur at the local car service center, simply steer clear from it right away. Always make sure that the technician is well versed with the job and watch a few cars being done and driven away by owners before you make an appointment. You may also talk with a few car owners who have implemented the procedure before with success.


DIY Steam Cleaning

As mentioned above, steam cleaning the engine bay is actually quite simple when done properly. As long as you are properly protecting the vital electrical and internal engine components, you should be on your way to a nice clean engine bay in just a few minutes. With professional steam cleaning costing upwards of $100, it’s actually a much better long-term financial decision to go ahead and buy a steamer and perform the service yourself.

We recommend the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner due to it’s rugged and durable design. It’s tough enough to be used outdoors on things like your engine, wheels, even cleaning last night’s steak off the rack of your grill! It’s one of the top recommendations from around the internet as well with plenty of great reviews to back it up. Definitely check it out if you’re thinking about trying to save some money and perform this simple service yourself.


Care and Maintenance for Engines

Needless to say that it is vital for you to heed your car’s recommended periodic maintenance schedule which is given on the owner’s handbook. This service manual has minute details on vehicle maintenance which must be implemented regularly to avoid premature failure. Abide by the guidelines given in the manual and replace all fluids and consumables as recommended at each interval. Topping up of fluids is also crucial as replacing them and the similar case is with consumables such as filters, etc. Similarly, a proper tune-up of the engine is also mandatory especially with vehicles over 60K miles on the odometer.


Car Repairs made Easy & Affordable

In the unfortunate event of your car breaking down or needing costly repairs, you have a more economical alternative with best quality used car parts that are available with reputable stockists. Usually car owners who face problems due to service station negligence generally have to bear the brunt of hefty expenses. It is in such cases (and in regular maintenance scenarios) that genuine used car parts come in handy especially when they carry a warranty to boot! Indeed, replacing expensive car components such as headlights, alternators, steering assemblies, engine parts, transmissions and almost everything under the sun can be had at incredibly low prices with major resellers. In a nutshell, always keep an eye on certified car service stations and give your vehicle the best care to ensure a smooth safe drive always.

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