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Best Roadside Emergency Kit 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

No one expects to be stranded on the side of the road with car troubles.  Whether it be a dead car battery, flat tire, mechanical issue, electrical issue or something else, it pays to be prepared.  A good quality Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit can add an extra level of safety for you and your family for years to come.  Every car in your family should have one for those unexpected incidents and with prices on these kits being as reasonable as they are, you have no excuse!

These kits aren’t those $10 junk kits that you got last Christmas in the gift exchange from Grandma.  These kits are sturdy, well-packaged and contain an assortment of very high-quality, valuable emergency items that can be extremely helpful during a roadside emergency.

How to Choose the Best Roadside Emergency Kit

We’ll discuss more about the specific contents of a good roadside emergency kit below.  For now, lets talk high-level:  Starting with the quantity of items in the kit.  More isn’t always better, be sure to look at how they’re counting.  Some kits count each individual band-aid as an item.  Price is another big indicator however, brand names will always carry a higher price.  This doesn’t mean they’re always proportionally better.  Reviews are the most reliable source of honest information about the products.  Anything over 4 stars is typically good provided there are enough reviewers rating it.

Now lets take a look at the MaintainYourRide recommendations for Best Roadside Emergency Kit:

Top 5 Best Roadside Emergency Kits 2019



First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit

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Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit

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AAA 103-Piece Emergency Roadside Kit

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Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit

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SecureGuard Roadside Emergency Kit

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5.  Secureguard Roadside Emergency Kit

The Secureguard Roadside Emergency kit definitely goes above and beyond on the contents.  It covers almost all of the basics and more with it’s 106-pieces that feature a diverse set of items.  The 8pc Hex Wrench set is a very handy addition that you won’t find in every kit on our list.

Everything fits into compact carrying case that fits easily into your trunk without taking up too much cargo space.  The dimensions of the packed kit are 11.25″ x 6.25″ x 4.5″.  Secureguard stands behind all its products and if you aren’t 100% satisfied within 30 Days return it for a full refund.

It actually gets great reviews as well, however, there aren’t quite as many reviews as we typically look for meaning the product is relatively new.  The vast majority of feedback we collected was highly positive indicating that this is an up-and-coming top seller.

Secureguard Roadside Emergency kit comes with 106 pieces including:

10′ Jumper CablesTow Rope with 10,000 lbs capacity
Reflective Safety vest100% cotton gloves
Multi use 4″ wrenchReinforced wire connectors
Replacement fusesElectrical tape
First Aid Kit with plasters, gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabsPlastic cable ties
Safety whistleCompass
8pc Hex WrenchLED squeeze rechargeable flashlight, no batteries needed
Electric current detectorNeedle nose pliers
Aluminium foil blanketRain Poncho
Polyester carry bag with Reflective Warning Triangle

Buy Secureguard Roadside Emergency Kit


4.  Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit

The Thrive Kit is a 104 piece kit featuring a high quality 600D nylon canvas bag, 42 emergency auto supplies and a 62 piece First Aid Kit.  It is lightweight and compact measuring 12″ x 8.5″ x 7″ and weighing approximately 3.1 lbs. The outside of the bag actually acts as a hazard indicator with a highly reflective emergency warning safety triangle.

This is a great option for those looking to get most of what they need at the cheapest price.  The parts are still high quality and they cut cost by eliminating some of the less commonly used features of some of the other kits like the Shovel, Rotating Beacon Light, Emergency Blanket, Tow Rope, etc.  The kit itself is backed by lots of 5 star reviews and is the cheapest on our list by a good bit.  If you’re looking for a quality barebones kit at a great price, this is the best option.

The Thrive Roadside Emergency Kit includes:

8′ 8GA Jumper CablesSafety Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter
Reflective Safety vestSocket Screwdriver
Multi use pliers and Utility KnifeIce Scraper
Heavy Duty Gloves with rubber gripsElectrical tape, Duct Tape
62 piece First Aid Kit with plasters, gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabsAccident forms
Safety whistleRope
6 in 1 ScrewdriverElectrical Tape
Distress BannerRain Poncho

Buy Thrive Roadside Emergency Kit


3.  AAA 103 Piece Emergency Roadside Kit

Lifeline First Aid, a leader in the field of first aid and disaster readiness products, has teamed up with AAA to bring you a line of high quality, road assistance kits.  This 103-piece kit features all of the standard items you’d expect to find in an emergency kit.  The differentiator with this kit is the inclusion of a 12V Air Compressor with Pressure Gauge.  Many of the cases of stranded drivers deal with a flat tire.  This allows you to take care of your flat tire yourself without having to call a tow truck.

While this kit isn’t quite as comprehensive as the Deluxe Road Warrior kit, it is a bit more reasonably priced.  Hundreds of great reviews back this kit along with the AAA brand so you can be sure you’re getting quality items.  This is clearly the best option if you’re looking for the backing of a well-known brand like AAA.

The AAA Emergency Kit includes:

Jumper CablesCable Ties
Air Compressor with GaugeAluminum Flashlight
Adhesive TapeEmergency Triangle
Heavy Duty Gloves, Ice Scraper with GloveElectrical tape, Duct Tape
54 piece First Aid Kit with gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabs, bandagesBatteries
Safety whistleGloves
Philips & Flat head ScrewdriverDuct Tape
Shop ClothsUtility Knife
Bungee CordRain Poncho
Polyester sports carry bag with Reflective Warning Triangle & Distress BannerAccident Forms & Membership Brochure

Buy AAA Roadside Emergency Kit


2.  Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit

The Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit is the most expensive and most comprehensive kit on our list.  This is the ultimate all-in-one kit that even includes a revolving signal light that can be seen from up to a mile away.  A three piece shovel is included that can be assembled in seconds and can be a life saver when trying to dig out of a snowstorm.

It also includes a comprehensive 54 piece First Aid Kit with plenty of bandages and medication.  This Kit comes in a small duffel bag measuring 12″ x 10″ x 7″ and weighs just 17 pounds which is small enough to keep in the trunk without impacting cargo space.

This kit is for the people that value preparedness and aren’t afraid to spend a bit of extra money for the comprehensive kit.  We placed it 4th because of the price, however, the reviews are great and this is definitely the ideal kit for people that could be dealing with snow storms or off-road driving on a regular basis.

The Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit includes:

12′ 6GA Jumper CablesTow Rope with 6,500 lbs capacity
Reflective Safety vestRevolving Beacon Light
Multi use 10″ wrench, 14 in 1 Pocket tool and Utility KnifeReinforced wire connectors, replacement fuses
Heavy Duty Gloves, Ice Scraper with GloveElectrical tape, Duct Tape
54 piece First Aid Kit with plasters, gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabsFlat Tire Fixer
Safety whistleCompass
6 in 1 ScrewdriverLarge Flashlight with 2 D Alkaline Batteries.
Pair of Hand WamersNeedle nose pliers
Aluminium foil blanket & Yellow Highway BlanketRain Poncho
Polyester sports carry bag with Reflective Warning Triangle & Distress Banner Folding Snow Shovel

Buy Deluxe Road Warrior Roadside Emergency Kit


1.  First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit

The First Secure 90-Piece kit is one of the most popular kits on the market.  For the price, it is definitely the most comprehensive with all of the basics as well as some of the more rare items such as a 250PSI Air Compressor and an 8-piece Tire Patch Kit.  The included tow rope supports 5 tons of pulling which is on the upper end of the spectrum for tow ropes.  While it’s not as comprehensive as the Deluxe Road Warrior kit and doesn’t have the backing of a company like AAA, it’s a great quality kit that checks all the boxes while maintaining a great value for your dollar.

It’s backed by hundreds of reviews averaging 4.7 stars which combined with the great price lands it in our #1 spot for best roadside emergency kit.

The First Secure Emergency Kit includes:

10′ 8GA Jumper CablesTow Rope with 10,000 lbs capacity
250 PSI Air Compressor and 8-piece Tire Repair KitReflective Warning Triangle
Multi use 10″ wrench, 9 in 1 Pocket tool and Utility KnifeHeadlamp with Batteries
Heavy Duty Gloves, Ice Scraper with GloveElectrical tape, Duct Tape
48 piece First Aid Kit with plasters, gauze, antiseptic cleaning wipes, adhesive tape, non adhesive sterile pad, cotton swabsGlass Breaker w/ Belt Escape Cutters
Electrical TapeGloves
Cable TiesBungee Cords
ScissorsPolyester Carrying Case

Buy First Secure Roadside Emergency Kit


What to Look for in a Roadside Emergency Kit

Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables are one of the most important items included in a good Roadside Emergency Kit.  Car Batteries have a limited life span due to the chemical processes that generate the electric charge.  Things such as extreme temperatures can reduce this lifespan and once the battery loses it’s charge, it can’t generate enough power to start your engine.  Jumper cables allow you to connect to another car and use their charging system to get enough flashlight that never dies, however, battery powered lights will be brighter and more versatile.

Rain Poncho

You’ll only appreciate the poncho if there is some sort of precipitation while you’re stranded.  One of the most important things when stuck outside in the elements is to stay dry.

Mylar Blanket

Mylar blankets are those space age aluminum foil looking sheets.  They’re designed to drastically reduce heat loss from the body which can elevate your body temperature back to safe range if temperatures are below freezing.

Reflective Warning Marker

Reflective warning markers help alert other drivers to the hazard ahead.  If you’re broken down on the side of the road, place at least one of these markers about a hundred yards down the street to alert incoming drivers and avoid being hit.

Tool Kit

A basic toolkit like the ones found in an emergency kit will usually cover the needs of a stranded motorist.  A set of screwdrivers, pliers, some common wrenches, as well as some sockets is a good start.

Tow Rope

The Tow Rope will come in handy if you happen to end up off the road somewhere.  These tow straps should be capable of supporting at least 3-tons of towing capacity to ensure ability to pull your car or truck.

Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge will come in handy in the event you get a flat tire.  You can quickly and easily determine how low the air is in you tire allowing you to pump that tire to the intended pressure and prevent damage to the wheels.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are one of those nice-to-have things that come in most high-quality roadside emergency kits.  The ability to quickly and easily tie things down to your car will come in very handy when you’ve got some extra cargo that needs to be contained outside of the car.  It also solves the issue of a faulty door latch by keeping doors shut while you’re driving around.


Gloves can come in handy especially when it is cold out.  They also prevent bloody knuckles and can provide an insulating layer when working with electrical connectors in the car (we recommend disconnecting the negative battery cable any time you’re working with electrical components).


Knives come in handy in tons of scenarios.  You should have one in your car regardless of whether you have an emergency kit or not.


Build your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

Buying one of the kits on this list is a great way to start.  However, we recommend beefing up your kit with some extra essentials such as some bottles of water, some protein/granola bars, and a small gas canister.  Check out this video for some more information.



Conclusion – Best Roadside Emergency Kit 2019

You never know when you’re going to face car troubles and these kits can come in very handy when you least expect it.  It’s always better to be prepared.  These kits are a small price to pay for the insurance of being ready for the unexpected in all sorts of weather conditions.

MaintainYourRide Recommended – Best Roadside Emergency Kit – Overall:  First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
MaintainYourRide Recommended – Best Roadside Emergency Kit – Performance: Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit
MaintainYourRide Recommended – Best Roadside Emergency Kit – Value:  Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit

Now that you’re prepared for the unexpected, lets take care of some of the controllable variables AKA parts that commonly cause roadside emergencies.  Making sure you have a quality Car Battery is extremely important as they’re not designed to last forever.  The expected lifespan is 3-5 years on most car batteries and it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re headed out on a long road trip.  Harsh temperatures and conditions can negatively impact the lifespan as well.  Our Best Car Battery Buyer’s Guide can help you determine the best battery for your vehicle.

A fresh oil change can keep your engine running smoothly as well.  Our Oil Filter Buyer’s Guide is perfect for helping you pick out the best oil filter.

Be sure to check out our list of Top 30 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers as well!

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