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Introduction – Top 5 Best Oil Filters for 2019

You’re one of the only people you know that still takes the time to crack a beer open in the garage and change the oil the old fashioned way.  You’ve got the process down and can knock it out in 20 minutes or less.  Maybe you also have a brand of oil and filter that you’re loyal to.  What if there’s a better option out there for your car, truck or SUV?  Let’s take a look at the top 5 to determine the best oil filter for 2019.

Picking the Best Oil Filter

Picking the best oil filter is one of the most vital parts of Maintaining Your Ride. It is right up there with ensuring you’ve got the Best Car Battery for your ride.  The right combination of oil and filter is essential to prolonging the life of today’s complex engines. Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Hybrids alike all require oil changes on a regular interval. These top 5 best oil filters will provide superior protection at a reasonable price.

The primary job of the oil filter is to prevent contaminants from circulating through the engine. To make the engines as efficient as they are today, improving the gas mileage (miles per gallon) to unprecedented levels, manufacturers have to set tolerances between the parts extremely low.  The oil is what protects the engine components in the extremely harsh environment that they exist. Any form of contaminant such as dirt or metal shavings could be disastrous if it made its way into the combustion chamber.   A high-quality oil filter will exceed the standards for filtration and keep your engine running smooth and clean for a few thousand miles.

Top 5 Best Oil Filter Comparison


Mobil 1 Extended Performance

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Bosch Premium FILTECH

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K&N Pro Series

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Royal Purple

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FRAM Tough Guard

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5. FRAM Oil Filter – Tough Guard

FRAM is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of aftermarket filters in the automotive industry.  Famous for their bright orange branding and black “SureGrip” coating, FRAM is probably the most popular aftermarket oil filter brand in the world.

FRAM has many tiers of Oil Filters.  The Tough Guard is one of the most popular and highly-rated tiers.   It features a synthetic blend media with a 99% efficiency rating and is proven to protect for up to 10,000 miles.

FRAM Oil Filter – Tough Guard is engineered for use with conventional and blended oils but will work just fine with Synthetic oils as well.  They are compatible with all major automotive manufacturers as well.

As with the other brands, this filter contains a silicone anti-drain back valve that holds a reserve of oil in the filter to protect the engine during start up.  The SureGrip anti-slip texture helps immensely with hand installation and removal.

With an average of above a 4.5 star average over thousands of reviews across multiple sources, it is hard to justify spending the extra money on the other filters.  However, if you can swing it, it is worthwhile to step up to one of the higher quality filters especially if you’re using synthetic oil.  So are fram oil filters good? Yes this fram oil filter review has proven they’re a great option for people looking for the lowest cost without sacrificing much filtration.

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4. Royal Purple Oil Filter

Royal Purple is a brand synonymous with performance in the automotive lubricant industry. Their line of synthetic motor oils and oil filters are designed to outperform the leading competitors.

The Royal Purple Oil Filter is rated at 99% efficiency (down to 25 microns).  Engineered with a synthetic micro-glass media that provides superior particle removal without impeding the flow of oil providing support for higher performance applications.

It is designed to meet the specifications of high-end sports cars, but works just as well with all major automotive manufacturers and oil types.  A thicker steel shell provides extra strength and security against puncture from road debris along with higher burst strength.

This filter includes an extra heavy-duty rubber base gasket to ensure a leak-free seal.  It also features a high-performance silicon anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts.

Royal Purple Oil Filters average over 4.5/5 stars across hundreds of reviews from around the web.  If you place performance and protection over cost, the Royal Purple filter is for you.  This is the MYR Recommended Best Oil Filter for Performance applications.

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3. K&N Pro Series Oil Filter

K&N is well-known as the one of the top providers of aftermarket performance air filters. They have taken this knowledge and experience and applied it to their Pro Series Oil Filter.

The K&N Oil Filter is a performance-oriented, high-flow filter designed to improve performance.  It provides 99% filtration (down to 25 microns) and makes use of a premium glass blend filtration media for increased contaminant capacity.

It is designed with performance in mind and priced slightly lower than the Royal Purple brand filter.  Just like the others on the list, the Pro Series filters work with all major automotive brands and oil types.  They highlight compatibility with Synthetic, Conventional and Blended oil types.

Its heavy duty rolled threads and fluted shape provide extra strength to combat leaks and damage.  It also features the Anti-drain back valve as well as a PSI relief valve (where applicable).

MYR recommends the K&N filter if you’re looking for top of the line performance on a budget.  With an average right around 4.5/5 stars over hundreds of reviews from around the web, it is a proven safe option to protect your engine.

Buy K&N Pro Series Oil Filter

2. Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

The Bosch Oil Filter – Premium FILTECH ranks #2 due to cost. Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of after-market replacement automotive parts in the world.  With decades of experience, they are a trusted brand with quality products and great prices.

This filter is rated to filter 99% of contaminants (down to 20 microns) with a decent amount of contaminant capacity (14g).  Comprised of a blended media filter woven with high glass content, this filter provides greater efficiency and durability than competitors.

It is designed to meet the specifications of all major automotive manufacturers and engine oil types.  A strong steel base plate and housing, combined with a double-locked rolled seam prevents warpage, leaks, and fitment issues.

This filter also includes a silicone anti-drain back valve to help prevent dry starts.  The high lubricity gasket design provides a tight seal while maintaining ease of removal.

Bosch Premium FILTECH filters average over 4.6/5 stars over thousands of reviews from all around the internet and in stores.  If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, that provides plenty of protection, the Bosch Premium Oil Filter is the way to go.  This is the MYR Recommended Best Oil Filter from a value perspective.

Buy Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter

The Mobil 1 Oil Filter – Extended Performance is the MYR-Recommended choice. Mobil 1 has a long-standing reputation for producing the highest quality products in the Oil space. This oil filter lives up to the Mobil 1 reputation by combining unrivaled contaminant removal, high contaminant capacity, and great durability at a reasonable price.

The advanced synthetic fiber-blend is rated to keep oil cleaner, longer by filtering 99.6% of contaminants (down to 30 microns) and providing twice as much contaminant capacity as the leading competitors (28g).

It is designed to meet specifications of all major automotive manufacturers as well as engine oil types. The heavy-duty canister withstands 9x the normal operating pressure and utilizes an enhanced Nitrile gasket to help prevent leaks.

Tests have shown that this filter can prolong the life of your oil up to twice as long as the manufacturers’ recommendations meaning you can extend the oil change interval without risking damage to the engine.

The filter also helps combat against dry starts by eliminating internal leakage during shutdown through the use of a silicone anti-drain back valve. Another great feature to help reduce the wear and tear on the engine components.

Across the spectrum of Mobil 1 EP filters, there are thousands of reviews rating well over 4.5/5 stars. While the price is slightly higher than some other filters on the list, the MYR team says its worth the extra expense.  This is the MYR Recommended choice for Best Oil Filter Overall.

Buy Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Oil Filter Near Me

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Things to Consider when Choosing an Oil Filter

Filtration Efficiency

The efficiency rating of an oil filter refers to the standard of manufacturing for the internal filter components.  Specifically, the maximum size of a particle that can flow through the filter.  Typically, the standard rate of capture is greater than 99% of particles down to approximately 25 microns.  Some filters provide greater levels of capture even down to particles as small as 20 microns.  The key here is the greater percentage of particles and the smaller size is best.  99.6% down to 20 microns is a significant improvement from 99.0% down to 25 microns.

Filter Media

The filter media refers to the material that is used to manufacture the filtration part of the oil filter.  This has a large impact on the Filtration Efficiency as well as the durability and lifespan of the filter.  Most modern filters utilize a synthetic glass blend media that provides optimum filtration and an extended lifespan.

Inside Oil Filter


The lifespan refers to the recommended interval before the filtration media breaks down.  This is typically measured in miles/kilometers and some filters provide a time duration as well in case the car is left undriven for long periods of time.  While most modern filters have rated lifespans up to 10-15,000 miles, it is generally recommended to change them more frequently to ensure optimal performance. 5-8,000 miles or 3-6months is a good mark for most modern cars.

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

You may know about synthetic Oil vs conventional oil.  What you may not know is that certain filters are designed to be used with certain styles of oil.  Many of the common filters will work with synthetic, conventional, and synthetic-blends.  However, there are a few high-end filters that are specifically designed to be used with higher-end synthetic oils.  Technically, there shouldn’t be much of an issue if you put conventional oil in with a filter designed for synthetic, but it is an unnecessary risk.

Anti Drain-Back Valve

The anti drain-back valve is built-in to most modern oil filters.  It prevents oil from flowing backwards through the filter when the oil pump is stopped (engine is not running).  This theoretically helps keep your engine lubricated during start up because the oil pump does not have to completely start over, it can start about where it left off when the engine was stopped.


Compatibility refers to the proper fitment of the oil filter to your specific vehicle/engine.  If you’ve ever been to an auto parts store to pick up a filter, you know how many different sizes there are to fit all the different makes and models of automobile.  Making sure that you’re getting the right filter for your car is HIGHLY IMPORTANT as getting the wrong size could cause the engine to be starved of oil and seize up – meaning you drop thousands of dollars on a new engine.

While this is a great resource to compare the brands, we do not have the tools to make sure you’re picking the right filter.  Make sure you do your research to verify the sizing before buying!


Price is an obvious factor although it isn’t a huge deal due to the fairly small price differential between filters.  The cheapest filters will run you about $5 while the most expensive are still generally less than $15.  Even our top recommended oil filter comes in less than $10!

How to Change Oil

Oil Change Guide
  1. Ensure you have the proper tools for the job – Socket Wrench, 5/8″ or 17mm Socket, Oil Filter Wrench, Oil Drain Pan, New Oil, New Oil Filter, New Oil Drain Plug Washer.
  2. Park the car on a level surface and ensure that the parking brake and emergency brake are engaged.
  3. Pop the hood, locate the engine oil dipstick and remove it.  Be sure to check the current level of your oil.  If it is significantly low, you may have larger issues that require professional assistance.  Remove the oil cap.
  4. Jack up the front of the vehicle enough for you to fit underneath laying on your back. **PLACE JACK STANDS UNDERNEATH BOTH SIDES OF THE CAR**.  You may also want to position wood (2×4″) underneath the tires for extra precaution.  You can also use Automotive Ramps in place of a jack.  We still recommend jack stands though.
  5. Locate the oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine oil pan and then locate the oil filter – it will look similar to the new one you bought for the oil change.
  6. Position the Oil Drain Pan underneath the Oil Drain Plug and use your socket wrench to unscrew the drain plug.  Let the oil drain into the pan until it is a slow drip.  Replace the oil drain plug crush washer and screw the drain plug back in tightening to the manufacturer recommended torque spec.
  7. Reposition the drain pan underneath the Oil Filter and unscrew it, dumping its contents into the oil drain pan.
  8. Double check that the gasket for the oil filter did not get stuck to the engine block.  Then screw on your new oil filter.  This only needs to be as tight as you can get it with your bare hands.
  9. Now you’re ready to refill.  Double check the oil capacity for your vehicle in the owners manual.  Remember to replace the dipstick and the oil cap after filling.
  10. Turn the engine on and inspect the drain plug and oil filter for any signs of leaking oil.

Oil Change Video

Oil Filter Cross Reference

For your convenience, we have included a list of cross reference guides for the popular manufacturers for oil filter lookup:

Fram Oil Filter Cross Reference

Wix Oil Filter Cross Reference

Bosch Oil Filter Cross Reference

Mobil 1 Oil Filter Cross Reference

Conclusion – Best Oil Filter

Hopefully this Best Oil Filter Brand Comparison helped you make a more informed decision for your next oil change.  There really are differences in the manufacturing quality of these different oil filter brands.  It’s always good to do some research to be sure that your money is being well-spent as oil and oil filtration is one of the most important aspects of a healthy engine.

MYR Recommended

Best Oil Filter – Overall: Mobil 1 Extended Performance
Best Oil Filter – Value: Bosch Premium FILTECH
Best Oil Filter – Performance: Royal Purple

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Fuel Injector Cleaner is also an important consideration when changing your oil.  Some cleaners can be added directly into the crankcase with the oil, however, its generally recommended to perform this treatment right before an oil change.  The MaintainYourRide Fuel Injector Cleaner Buyer’s Guide will ensure that you get the best possible value and performance.

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