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AutoCraft Battery Review – Detailed Analysis and Comparison (Updated: 2021)

AutoCraft Battery Review – Introduction

** Update - AutoCraft Battery Discontinued **

Advance Auto Parts has discontinued the AutoCraft Battery line as of 2020.
Click below to check out our full review of the new replacement DieHard Battery line.

DieHard Battery Review

The AutoCraft Battery is a line of automotive batteries offered at Advance Auto Parts.  The MaintainYourRide team will take an in-depth look at each of the different grades of AutoCraft Battery.  There are currently 4 grades of AutoCraft Battery:
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  1. AutoCraft Platinum
  2. AutoCraft Gold
  3. AutoCraft Silver
  4. AutoCraft Economy

Each one has a unique set of features, warranty, and price.  Let’s discuss some of the specifics of AutoCraft batteries in general and then dive a little bit deeper into each of the Grades before we wrap up with a concise comparison chart to help you decide the best option for your budget and application.  For a more in-depth look at how car batteries work, check out our other article on Best Car Battery.

Where to Buy the AutoCraft Battery

Who makes AutoCraft batteries is a common question searched online.  As an exclusive Advance Auto Parts battery, the only place you can buy them is in an Advance Auto Store or on the Advance Auto Parts Website.  The good news is that Advance Auto typically has active coupon codes providing anywhere from 15-30% discount when ordering online and picking up in-store.

Advance Auto Parts also provides free services such as battery testing, battery installation, and even paid battery recycling.  These are great because you can go ahead and order your replacement battery online, drive up to the store and have them test your current battery for free.  If the tests show that your battery is actually not faulty, just dead, you can just cancel your online order and go on your way.

If your battery is indeed faulty, you can just walk into the store and request your online order pickup.  Once received you can request that the Advance Auto Associate install the battery for you free of charge.  They will even take the old battery and refund the core charge all in one trip.

AutoCraft Battery Features

There are only two major automotive battery manufacturers – Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls, Inc.) or Exide Technologies.  So regardless of the battery brand, it was most likely manufactured by one of these two companies.  The AutoCraft Battery line is actually manufactured by Johnson Controls (Clarios).  This is the same manufacturer as Duralast, Everstart, Optima, DieHard, and Interstate Batteries.

Once you take the manufacturing similarities into account, it becomes apparent that we have to look a bit deeper into the specifics of each brand to determine what makes one brand better than another.  Usually, this comes down to the actual battery type, price point, warranty, and specifications.

With the exception of the AutoCraft Platinum Battery, all AutoCraft batteries are flooded, lead-acid batteries with plates of lead and lead dioxide in an electrolyte liquid inside a polypropylene case.  This is the most common type of Starting, Lighting, and Ignition battery for vehicles.  Great applications for the average consumer that doesn’t need flexibility with mounting positions or risk of cracking/leaking.

The AutoCraft Platinum is an AGM type battery.  AGM is an abbreviation for Absorbed Glass Mat meaning that the electrolyte is absorbed into a glass mat separator.  It is a dry-cell battery that  doesn’t have the risk of leaking or spilling allowing it to be mounted in different positions.

The main differences between the AutoCraft Economy, Silver, and Gold grades are the Warranty, Cranking Amperage (CA), Cold-Cranking Amperage (CCA), Amp/Hour Rating, and Reserve Capacity.

Cranking Amps (CA)

Cranking Amps refers to the number of amps that fully-charged battery can discharge for thirty seconds at temperatures above 0 degrees F.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Cold Cranking Amps refers to the number of amps that fully-charged battery can discharge for thirty seconds at 0 degrees F.  This is generally the more important number to consider due to the fact that battery performance is degraded in colder temperatures.  Considering some locales get temperatures well below 0 degrees F, its important to ensure you will have enough amperage to start your vehicle on the coldest of days.

Vehicle manufacturers typically use CCA as the specification metric for the vehicle battery.

Amp/Hour Rating

This refers to the number of amps that can be produced by the battery if discharged at a constant rate for 20 hours without dropping to 10.5V.  This number is more relevant with recharging than it is to actual performance.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

Refers to the number of minutes that the battery can be discharged at 80 degrees F, at a rate of 25 amps, and maintain a voltage of 10.5 or more.  Basically, the amount of time it can supply power to your vehicle if the car is off (not being recharged by the alternator).  This is another important number because you want to maximize the amount of time your battery will last while off so you don’t get stranded somewhere leaving your headlights on or an interior light.

AutoCraft Battery - What We Like
  • The range of AutoCraft Batteries provides plenty of options at good price ranges for all applications.
  • We also like that there are always coupon codes on the Advance Auto Parts website that will provide a significant discount.
  • The in-store pickup, free installation, and immediate core refund is also a great feature of going with AutoCraft.
  • AutoCraft Gold – Engineered with PowerFrame positive grid technology which virtually eliminates premature failure and is up to 66% more durable and more corrosion-resistant than other grid designs
AutoCraft Battery - What We Don't Like
  • Not the cheapest option for the quality/features unless you’ve got a great coupon code.
  • Warranties on the lower grades are not great.
  • Economy is not built to meet vehicle starting power requirements.  Silver and above are.
  • Shipping is unavailable except for the AutoCraft Platinum AGM Batteries so if you don’t have a store close-by, these aren’t going to be an option for you.

AutoCraft Platinum Battery Review

The AutoCraft Platinum AGM Battery is the top-of-the-line AGM offering from Advance Auto.  This battery carries a pretty hefty price tag but comes with the added flexibility of a non-flooded design that allows for unrestricted mounting and increased durability.  However, this is not necessarily a need for most consumers.  It is geared mainly towards aftermarket, offroad, or performance vehicles looking to maximize durability and performance regardless of price.

Specification wise, it is nearly identical to the AutoCraft Gold battery in almost every way.  Same 3 year warranty, nearly identical CCA, CA, and Reserve Capacity.  We did notice that the AutoCraft Platinum was the only grade that included an Amp Hour rating.  This is just another metric that speaks to the purpose of this battery in performance, aftermarket, offroad applications.

Battery TypeAmp HourCold Cranking Amperage (CCA)Cranking AmperageReserve CapacityWarrantyMore Info
Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)70 AH710 A885 A120 min3 YR FREE REPLACEMENT
More Info

We would recommend skipping this unless you’ve got legitimate use cases for the durability/flexibility that outweigh the cost increases.  On average, this will run you about $190 after the refundable core charge (usually $22).  This is the only shippable battery (due to the AGM design) so if you don’t have a local Advance Auto, it will at least ship for free!

Buy AutoCraft Platinum Battery

AutoCraft Gold Battery Review

The AutoCraft Gold Battery is the top non-AGM battery offering from Advance and is our recommendation for Best AutoCraft Battery.  This is our most-recommended grade of AutoCraft Battery simply due to the ratio of specifications to price.  It carries nearly identical specs to the AutoCraft Platinum while costing approximately 15% less.  That includes the 3 year warranty as well.

Since most applications won’t need the flexibility/durability of an AGM battery, this is more than enough for most people in most applications. Autocraft Gold automotive batteries meet or exceed the manufacturers power (CCA) requirements for your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about starting even large engines in the harshest conditions.

It also has the most Reserve Capacity of any of the grades, including the Platinum.  This comes in handy when you’re parked listening to the radio with the engine off for a bit longer than you expected.  These batteries are also engineered with PowerFrame positive grid technology which helps to prevent premature failure by reducing corrosion.  They state statistics such as up to 66% more durable, up to 70% better electrical flow for this design as well as 20% less energy and emissions in the manufacturing process.  We’ll have to take their word for it.

Battery TypeAmp HourCold Cranking Amperage (CCA)Cranking AmperageReserve CapacityWarrantyMore Info
Lead-Acid700 A875 A130 min3 YR FREE REPLACEMENT
More Info

This is the best option for almost every application.  Car or truck, gas or diesel, you won’t have to worry about having enough power to get you going.  The 3-year warranty will get you back on the road fast in the event of a covered failure.  However, if you live in a very mild climate and drive a smaller engine car, you could save a few bucks by considering the Silver below.

This one will run you about $160 after core refund and isn’t shippable due to it’s Lead-Acid design, but it is free in-store pickup with free installation and core recycling.  Definitely worth the trip.  Click the button below to check out the stock in your local store.

Buy AutoCraft Gold Battery

AutoCraft Silver Battery Review

The AutoCraft Silver Battery is the mid-tier grade car battery from Advance and our Best Budget AutoCraft Battery.  This grade is designed to be more of an OEM replacement and match the quality and specifications of your stock battery.  It has noticeably less power and capacity than the AutoCraft Gold, and a full year less warranty period.

There is no mention of the PowerFrame technology in this grade so it may be a step down in terms of durability and consistency, but how much is hard to say.  It’s not likely that the difference would have any noticeable affect on your day-to-day driving.  If you live in a harsh climate or drive a large vehicle – large truck, extended SUV, diesel – you’re probably better off just forking out the extra cash for the Gold.  The 2-Year Warranty is really as low as we would even consider on an Automotive battery.  Anything below that is basically useless.

Battery TypeAmp HourCold Cranking Amperage (CCA)Cranking AmperageReserve CapacityWarrantyMore Info
Lead-Acid600 A730 A110 min2 YR FREE REPLACEMENT
More Info

Even so, if you live in a mild climate, and drive a smaller engined vehicle, the Silver will work great.  You can save a few bucks by not going full top-of-the-line with the Gold grade and still feel confident that you won’t have any starting issues down the road.  With a price tag right around $130 (after core refund), this is our recommendation for the Best AutoCraft Battery on a Budget.  Check the link below for more information and where to buy.

Buy AutoCraft Silver Battery

AutoCraft Economy Battery Review

The AutoCraft Economy Battery, otherwise known as the AutoCraft Automotive Battery, is the lowest grade battery in the AutoCraft line.  These are designed mainly to meet the bare minimum requirements for functionality.  They are not guaranteed to meet manufacturer specifications, though in many cases they will.

It has the lowest Amperage, Reserve Capacity and Warranty of all the grades.  You run a lot more of a risk having trouble starting in adverse conditions or running out of charge quickly when not running the engine.  These are not recommended for large engine or diesel vehicles due to the lack of Cold Cranking Amperage.

Battery TypeAmp HourCold Cranking Amperage (CCA)Cranking AmperageReserve CapacityWarrantyMore Info
Lead-Acid550 A685 A85 min1 YR FREE REPLACEMENT
More Info

The 1-Year warranty included with this battery is very poor.  While it is significantly cheaper than the other options, you run the risk of having to replace it up to three times as often as the Gold/Platinum and twice as often as the Silver.  That’s worst case scenario but you’re still opening yourself up to that risk.

At $99 after core refund, our only recommendation (by default) for this battery is Best AutoCraft Battery Under $100.  If you’re in a bind financially, this battery can get you out of a tough situation for under $100.  But we would really recommend that you find a way to save up an additional $30-60 for the additional power and especially the peace of mind of the extra warranty.

Check out more details by clicking the link below.

Buy AutoCraft Economy Battery

Best AutoCraft Battery

The best AutoCraft battery for any application is easily the AutoCraft Gold Battery.  It’s advanced PowerFrame design gives it great durability, power, and reliability.  It’s 3-year warranty makes it a safe choice for the long term.  Click here for more information:

Buy AutoCraft Gold Battery

Best Budget AutoCraft Battery

The best budget AutoCraft battery is the AutoCraft Silver Battery due to it’s ratio of price to specifications.  It’s got specifications that meet manufacturer’s requirements, a fair price tag under $150, and a 2-year warranty that will provide decent peace of mind for the price.  Check it out here:

Buy AutoCraft Silver Battery

Best AutoCraft Battery Under $100

The best AutoCraft Battery under $100 is, by default, the AutoCraft Automotive Battery (aka AutoCraft Economy).  It’s not quite rated to meet manufacturer specifications and only comes with a 1-year warranty, but it is powerful enough to get you back on the road for the short term for under $100 (with core exchange).

Buy AutoCraft Economy Battery

Best AutoCraft Battery 2019

The best AutoCraft battery in 2019 for any application is easily the AutoCraft Gold Battery.  It’s advanced PowerFrame design gives it great durability, power, and reliability.  It’s 3-year warranty makes it a safe choice for the long term. Click here for more information:

Buy AutoCraft Gold Battery

Frequently Asked Questions

AutoCraft Gold vs Platinum

The main difference between the Gold and Platinum lines of the AutoCraft battery is the internal battery medium.  The Platinum line features an AGM dry-cell design that provides the advantage of being much more resistant to leaking or spilling – allowing much more versatility with mounting position.

The AutoCraft Gold batteries typically have almost identical specifications and only lack the AGM dry-cell medium.  Instead, they feature the standard flooded lead-acid design with plates of electrodes sitting inside a liquid electrolyte solution.  This design is the most common among car batteries and is more than enough for 99% of applications.

Where are AutoCraft Batteries made

The AutoCraft battery manufacturer is Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, which has recently become independent.  They have plants in the US, China, Mexico, and Germany.

Finding the right Battery for my Vehicle

Finding the right battery for your vehicle is quite easy.  Adding your car/truck details on the Advance Auto Parts or Amazon websites will automatically filter out parts that don’t fit properly.  Once you’ve added your vehicle information, you should see a collection of different sizes that will fit.  Automotive batteries use codes such as H6, H7, H8, 24F, 35, 65 etc.  These are all available in store as well if you just ask an associate for assistance.  Click here to add your car and find the right battery for your car:

Find my Battery

Car Battery Near Me

Click our link below to be directed right to the Advance Auto Parts Store Locator.  Once you’ve configured your store, you can view their car battery stock in real time, order online, and pick up in store, free of charge, usually same day.  Check it out:

Advance Auto Store Locator

AutoCraft Battery Review – Conclusion

Now that we’ve been through all 4 grades of AutoCraft Automotive Battery, you should have plenty of information to make an informed decision.  We prefer to run AutoCraft Gold batteries in all of our daily driver cars and AutoCraft Platinum batteries in our modified fun cars.

Make sure you’re prepared for battery issues in the future by keeping a high quality Roadside Emergency Kit in your car at all times.

If this article has helped you, we would appreciate if you shared it with friends and family as we are trying to grow our army of DIY Home Mechanics.  We want to empower people to start taking on some of the more simple automotive maintenance tasks to gain knowledge and save money!

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