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Steam Cleaning Engine Bay 0

Steam Cleaning the Engine Bay: Is It a Safe Approach?

Traditional cleaning professionals used archaic methods of cleaning an engine bay which is almost nonexistent these days. Contemporary methods of cleaning the engine cavity has done away with solvents, detergents and water, and have...

hurricane flood damaged cars 0

Beware of Flood Damaged Cars

Hurricane Season always brings in a surge of flood damaged cars. Be sure to check a reliable Automotive history source prior to buying any car. Rather than deal with insurance and the hassles of...

30 gift ideas for car enthusiasts gear heads 4

30 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers 2019

30 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers in 2019 Holiday Season is fast-approaching and you’ve still got a bunch of gifts left to cross off your list.  The team at MaintainYourRide has your back with...

Why do brake rotors warp - clean brake rotor 0

Why Do Brake Rotors Warp?

Brake Rotors Warp – Introduction Brake rotors are the large metal discs that can be seen inside the wheels of cars and trucks. They rotate along with the wheels inside of a stationary brake caliper...